The idea of ​​returning value

The cultivation of botanicals becomes concrete support for ethical and social inclusion projects of the KOALA and VALDIBELLA Cooperatives
Social Cooperative
The project «Casa tra la Gente » (“Home Among People”) of the social cooperative KOALA embraces the idea of non institutional psychiatry

The project aspires to reach the following goals:
  • prevent the feeling of abandonment and social isolation;
  • support families and caregivers;
  • develop the colture of integration and collaboration.
  • build and maintain an efficient caring support network;
  • promote a culture of acceptance of the chronic psychiatric patient as a full fledged citizen;
Biological agriculture
Valdibella is a sustainable project within which all resources, both human and natural, find their fulfillment.

The Cooperative was born in June 1998 in a territory with a strong agricultural and rural vocation, alongside the Itaca Salesian community, which hosts young people with social problems and promotes through the Jonathan project, their inclusion in the job market
From the outset, the cooperative ´ s goal has been to dismantle the social stratifications that still dominates in the Sicilian territory restoring dignity to farmers by promoting concrete actions against commercial and labor exploitation put into place organic farming methods that focuson biodiversity and indigenous crops

There is no real growth if not collective for this reason, the cooperative has joined the Addiopizzo association since its foundation And by this promotes a critical consumer poster in favor of a mafia free economy

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