GIN Milano

London Dry Distillation

The distillation process that guarantees the best quality of spirit and a long lasting flavour.


Two Müller discontinuous alembics with bain marie worked by the elegant hands of an experienced distiller who embodies the skillful Italian craftsmanship.

43% vol., no additives (neither alcohols norglycerol). Dilution and bottling after one month of wait.

The toughest botanicals are distilled in a boiler, where the higher temperature allows for the most suitable extractions of scents

The more delicate and fresh botanicals are steamed at a lower temperature to preserve the most fragrant and fresh of scents

The botanicals

A refined elegance in the balance of identity components, from citrusy to balsamic, from herbaceous to soft and sapid: juniper, garden angelica, coriander, lemon balm, caper, thyme, almond, helichrysum, wormwood

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