and Innovation

Designing a dedicated bottle shape for Gin Milano was a strategic choice to effectively communicate the brand’s values, express our distinct personality and stand out from competitors. The goal was to excite the customer’s curiosity. The final product is the result of team work between Sapiens Design, the award winning Milanese design studio, and Berlin Packaging,the internationally leading glass manufacturer

A Bottle for Milano

An innovative design that conveys elegance and beauty through attention to detail and a slender silhouette.

Berlin Packaging is the leading glass manufacturer that believed in the GIN MILANO project from the beginning.

The bottle’s volume marries the world of architecture and high fashion.

Professionalism and expertise allowed us to create an exciting design with sinuous and slender shapes.

A label of spun fabric

The label expresses elegance through a unique and recognizable concept, between art, fashion, and design. The body of the bottle is dressed in a spun fabric label. The Italian craftsmanship provides high quality detail and a unique tactile sensation.

The bottle becomes a lay figure wearing a fabric label, as if it was a haute couture piece. The bottle offers a unique experience: touch stimulates memories and emotions linked to the world of everyday fabrics.

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